UnikOutwear -THE CONCEPT

I started as a Creative Designer a year ago. Right now, I want to focus on expanding my artistic side but in a unique way. Therefore, I want to offer you the possibility to get all my designs and artwork  printed on a customized outfit that will be an exclusive mix between our High-Quality Clothing Material ( locally printed in Belgium on Stanley&Stella Clothing line 100% Eco & Sustainable brand) and the wide range of all creations I can offer (Drawings, Illustrations, and Photography).


I would like to remark that our main purpose is to create a line that will support Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & 100% Organic products, that could be fully customized and that will be produced in Antwerp to support local market. 

Here we go UNIK OUTWEAR at your fingertips.
The idea of this project is to protect local market and business by using high quality and 100% sustainable clothing using organic and recycled materials in our pieces of clothing all printed in Antwerp.
  1. Printed: You choose the model, color, size (visit "The BLANKS" to check them all) and add the Printed Design you want to the cart, from the collection "Prints, Designs & Co"
  2. BLANK, just with my logo printed on the neck on the back or at the bottom in the front. Nothing extra, just add the BLANK to the cart and place your order.
  3. FULLY CUSTOMIZED: tell me what you want, with a picture or just let my creativity flow for a unique creation for you. Send me an email or visit the Contact page. You will get MY ART + The piece of clothing
           Remember, with this last option, YOU ALSO GET THE ORIGINAL DRAWING or DESIGN with you. Only for you, won't be ever reprinted. 100% EXCLUSIF. 

    Also, it is possible to bring a design made by you, that you want to print with me.

    But keep in mind, that WE DO NOT COPY other brands designs for copyright reasons.  


    For customized queries email me at elena@ideas2earth.com
    Expected Delivery
    • 4-7 days ( In Belgium or nearby UE countries) if preexisting designs.
    • 7-15 days ( If customized design, depending on complexity, technique & model availability) 
    Delivery may vary for Model Availability, Country, etc.
    PLEASE CONTACT ME in case you have any doubt. 


    VISIT US on INSTAGRAM at @unikoutwear.byideas2earth
    CHECK some results from clients and more and more info.