About Me

First of all, A warm WELCOME to Ideas2Earth.

My name is Elena del Castillo, and with this website I not only want to create a professional website  to display my designs, art and photography work,but also give you an introduction to my world. This is my vision, a window to what my eyes can see and everything that keeps running round my head.

I dedicate most of my time to generating ideas, concepts, new products, drawing my ideas on paper and trying to materialise my clients’ needs. Hence my name, Ideas2Earth. Design, art or any form of creativity are not only ways of making beautiful and trendy goods, but to also a means to explore the user’s mind, to find out what the client’s  expectations are towards a specific product or service. And that is exactly where I play my main role. I am all ears, and would even use four eyes if it is necessary to come up withinnovative, unique and  concepts with a personal touch that, hopefully and mostly, meet my clients’ requirements.



With careful audience targeting, I create highly functional and problem-solving projects with a perfect mixture between simplicity, elegance, and innovation for each of my clients.


“MY DESIGNS are product of my PASSION andHARD WORK. When working with ME, we will WORK TOGETHER, think TOGETHER, andBRING THAT IDEA TO LIFE.”

Who Am I?

I am Product Designer and Industrial Engineer – with a hidden Artist side – from Spain, based in Antwerpen, Belgium. I have just founded my own firm this year, working along with Studio Wasabi from times to times, and  incorporating my own clients by the time. I love working in creative, team-working environments, where big blank papers are displayed, sticky notes are even found on the ceiling and where sketches are just the day-a-day way of expression.


For the moment, I have been mainly focusing onGraphic Design, Branding material and Photography, but in the future I am planning to launch my own design lines, and will establish several collaborations to develop some design concepts I am working on right now.

I strive to bring you, my future client or partner, a cost-efficient, effective and high-quality professional service. I am open to any kind of project, and will be more than glad to hear what you have to offer or to listen or translate your needs into something tangible, feasible.

My goal is simple – to ensure beautiful, usable projects/concepts through creative thinking. The time you will share with me will be  a satisfying experience. While my vision is honest and noble, I  back it up with reliable and professional services: you trust me, I  trust you. Let’s do this, let’s create something new, come up with great ideas.

My creativity and passion make a distinct difference in the designs I create. I am part of everything I produce. It is my character that tends to build positive working relationships that reflect the secret of my recent success: I am just myself, giving you my inventions. I care about all my clients.

I love seeing my clients happy with the results. If they obtain good profits out of them, I get an even bigger benefit: the satisfaction of having been able to make their ideas come true.


I hope to hear from you soon.




WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT? I listen to you, I offer a wide range of services and you can always count on my support. From the beginning I commit to do my best. While I do not believe in perfection, I do believe in improvement, innovation and high-quality work.

Give me a bit of your time, give me a try. You will find out what I have to offer.


Kind regards,